Biden’s cunning corruption exposed by Senate Report

The Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Obama White House conspired to fabricate a narrative accusing President Trump of collusion with Russia, leveraging influence over Ukraine, and having undisclosed business dealings with communist China. All the while, Vice President Joe Biden and his son were doing exactly that which Biden and his political allies accused Trump. An 87-page joint report issued by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance indicates that Hunter Biden, aided by his father Vice President Joe Biden, enriched the Biden family with scurrilous dealings in Russia, Ukraine and China.

The Bidens used the position of Vice President, hidden by a complicated international cadre of corporations and bank accounts, to extract money from government officials in Russia, Ukraine and China. In doing so, they enriched themselves, family members and friends, such as former Secretary of State John Kerry’s son, at the expense of American foreign policy and national security. According to the report, these dealings were known to government employees in the State Department, but their warnings were largely ignored and worked around. Joe Biden and Kerry both denied knowing anything of Hunter Biden’s dealings, even as money transfers in the tens of millions of dollars were flowing into family-owned bank accounts.

Shortly after Vice President Joe Biden took over Ukraine foreign policy to fight corruption there, Hunter Biden joined the board of the company Bursima, which was under investigation by the Ukraine government. Then a $7 million bribe was paid to “shut the case.” When the investigation pursued, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees to the country if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor. The prosecutor was fired and Hunter Biden was awarded millions in return. He also had business dealings with China’s Communist Party and the Peoples Liberation Army which involved US military information. In Russia dealings, Biden received some $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow (removed for corruption), and paid Russian nationals involved with prostitution and human trafficking.

During this time frame, Democratic Party operatives were paying to have false reports written about Trump to be used to remove him from the presidency. The Democrats went so far as to impeach Trump based on those falsehoods, including false accusations that Trump threatened to withhold $400 million in US military aid to Ukraine pending an investigation on Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. These allegations posed by the Democrats also included a false document alleging Trump’s participation with prostitutes in Russia, and collusion with the Russian government. All the while, Biden and his son were actually doing these things. Ezekiel 8:9 says, “Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.” The more we dig, the more abominations we find. Biden is every bit as crooked as the Clintons; he’s just more cunning.

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