Mail-in deception

Several weeks ago we received this stack of oversized letters in the mail. It seemed as if there were five or six of them. I should have kept them for proof, but I threw them away. They were mail-in ballots. I was so disgusted with the thought that the government was encouraging people to stay at home and vote by mail, that I missed the point: We seemed to have received more ballots than we have voters in our household. Since then, I have heard first hand stories from friends, neighbors and acquaintances that they received several more mail-in ballots than the number of voters in their households. In fact, this is common among people who I know and trust would not lie about it. So what gives?

We know that Democratic Party oppression of the vote was so big after the Civil War that there were local and state laws prohibiting black people from voting. When finally, President Ulysses Grant stepped in and all but eliminated the Ku Klux Klan in the south—which included Democratic Party officeholders, doctors, lawyers, even clergy—blacks were able to safely vote again for a time. Then the Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws that were passed by democrats once again suppressed the vote all the way into the 1960s. Somewhere along the way, the Democratic Party decided that it would make an issue of suppressing the vote and blame it on the Republicans every time they tried to update the voter rolls.

The result is that myriads of dead people get to vote. People who move to other locations get to vote in their former precincts. Those who are registered to vote, but don’t vote, get to vote—someone else votes for them. Democrats have fought tooth and nail even the simplest of updating the voter rolls—removing the dead from voter rolls. What do you think is going to happen when someone that received three mail in ballots, votes three times and the election clerk doesn’t “catch” it? The same thing that happens when a dead person votes. These crooks know how to work the system. If someone hasn’t voted by a certain time, the local party people know it. And they send someone else in their place.

What made our system of voting so unique and effective was that there was one day to vote. If you couldn’t vote on that day, you got an absentee ballot. This whole idea of mass mail in ballots, and how the authorities will verify the votes, and how long it will take them after the election, is a slippery slope to tyranny. If people can be encouraged to protest and riot in close quarters without concern for COVID 19, then people can go to their polling place and cast their votes in a safe and orderly manner. The justification has no weight. As in Ephesians 4:14, let us not be tossed to and fro by the “sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” This doctrine of mail-in ballots has its roots in deception.

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Bill Wilson