The prophecy of lawlessness

Law enforcement officers are under fire across the nation. Efforts to defund the police are taking place wherever there are Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests. Chicago continues its murderous crime wave. “Violent protests” continue in various large cities, but the problem is, they are not protests once they turn violent as the media fails to report. They are riots. Unlawful riots. Over the weekend, two Los Angeles law enforcement officers were ambushed as they sat in their police cruiser. They are in critical, but stable condition, no thanks to so-called “protesters” who were blocking the emergency room entrance and according to various reports at least one shouted, “I hope they die.”

This is a true testimony to what is happening in our country. A person attempts to murder two police officers. Protesters block the entrance of the emergency room where the two officers are taken for life-saving treatment. Protesters are hoping “they die.” In my opinion, those are not protesters, they are complicit in the crime. They all should be arrested and tried for the very same crime the shooter committed. But in this very incident is found the condition of our nation. A group of people have taken upon themselves to turn a nation of laws into a nation of lawlessness. Peaceful protests supporting police reform is one thing. Riots and blocking emergency services for wounded humans is reprehensible.

FOX News in LA and several others posted accounts of videos taken by various people showed the disdain for police. One eyewitness to the shootings recorded a self-video that celebrated the shooting, repeatedly saying the “N-word-s got aired out.” Black Lives Matter protesters videoed their walk to the hospital to “visit” the “pigs” that got shot and were upset with the “pigs” who wouldn’t let them onto the hospital grounds. The lead protester characterized the officers who were shot as “two of America’s most notorious gang members” and that “we’re going to go up here and just check on these two murderers right here.” This is the mentality of the spirit of hate and ignorance at the center of these peoples’ hearts.

The harsh rhetoric by politicians over the past four years has no doubt contributed to the boldness of those who are breaking the law. They justify their acts by hijacking movements and using any excuse to behave violently. Politicians, who should be unifying the nation, break even wider splits in the divide using the wedge of hateful rhetoric swung by the handle of an irresponsible news media. Christ said in Matthew 24:12 that in the latter days, “And because lawlessness shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” We are seeing first hand just how this prophecy can begin to play out. Right here in America. Problem is, these are all heart issues. Yes, there needs to be change, but it starts with the heart.

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Bill Wilson