From now until the election

From 1981 officially through 1996, I was a political media and messaging strategist for conservative and Christian candidates for office. Every Labor Day weekend, I took three days off. Went camping. Got away from people. Cleared my mind. Prayed. It was a time of reflection and introspect, aligning and realigning with the Lord. I took those days at that particular time because I knew the campaigns would gear up in full swing after Labor Day. I knew that every ounce of my physical and mental energy would be focused on the events of campaigns. I also knew that during this time the most lies, truth twisters, and accusations would be thrown at my clients, and I had to have answers on effectively handling them.

I learned very quickly that liberals didn’t care about facts. They were wired differently. They cared about emotions. Truth was relative to what they believed. If they believed, for example, that a candidate was going to steal votes. It must be truth, so they would state it as truth to anyone who would listen. I also learned that liberals believed that lies were just a means to an end. A lie told enough times became true because it would not be refuted after the first time. Additionally, and probably most importantly, I learned that liberal candidates will accuse their opponents of exactly what the liberal is doing or intends to do. So in all of this paragraph, you have the liberal handbook for elections.

When I see headlines now coming from the liberal news media about President Trump disparaging the military or covering up COVID or more rape allegations or that he is suffering from mental illness, what does that tell me? It tells me that the Democratic opponents (including the media) disparage the military, obstructed the truth about COVID, are involved in non-consensual sex, and have mental illness that they are trying to cover up. For example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she was “set up” by her hairdresser to get her hair done illegally. But what was the biggest set up of Pelosi’s career over the past four years? She and her colleagues set up Donald Trump with terribly false charges leading to impeachment—just saying.

These liberals spew hateful words from their mouths, then accuse others of being hateful. They label others as racist, yet have overseen the most systemic racial political actions in the history of America. During the next eight weeks, you are going to see the most outlandish accusations hurled in an election. Do not take the bait. When an accusation is leveled without strong documentation, it is likely the accuser who has committed it. Think it through. Job 15:35 says, “They conceive trouble and give birth to evil; Their womb prepares deceit.” From now until the election, every possible deception will be floated to those who want to believe it—and it will come from all quarters of unscrupulous people.

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Bill Wilson