Convention truth and lies

The mainstream news media is demonstrating for all to see its bias and blatant advocacy for socialism and the Democratic Party. The coverage of the Republican National Convention is a disgrace to the First Amendment. Case in point is the vanguard of fake news, CNN. The network didn’t do much fact checking during the Democratic National Convention last week, but is running on so-called “fact check” overtime during the Republican convention. Many of CNN’s facts also need to be checked because the facts they are often using are twisted to hold just barely enough truth to justify saying the GOP team is not accurate. CNN is fact checking from a political left-leaning lens. They admit it.

Remember New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother Chris? The one who CNN positioned as a selfless husband and father quarantining in his basement with COVID 19, but was actually found on Easter Sunday breaking his state-ordered quarantine and getting into a confrontation with a cyclist? Chris Cuomo, wrapping up CNN’s Monday night coverage of the GOP convention, defended CNN’s disproportionate fact checking of Republicans. Cuomo contended that CNN didn’t fact check the Democratic Convention so much because Democrats don’t lie. Cuomo said that Republicans lie, especially Donald Trump, so CNN had to fact check the GOP convention so people will know who to believe.

Cuomo said, “[A]gain, well, who are people going to believe? We’ll see who makes the better case. And yeah, you can fact-check it to death. We could fact-check this convention all night. People were saying you didn’t fact-check the Democrats. They are not lying, the way Trump does. Do politicians lie? Of course, both parties engage in it. Yes, I’ll give you the full ‘Guilfoyle.’ But not like Donald Trump. Nobody lies the way this man does, has, and will that I’ve ever seen in politics. So — he’s lying to you.” So, according to Cuomo’s logic, anytime a Republican, especially Donald Trump, opens their mouth to speak, they are lying. This is unmitigated bias by Cuomo and CNN masquerading as news media.

I recall a comment by some reporter that the President and people around him during the convention segments were not practicing safe “social distancing.” This reporter was making some sort of issue out of it. Fact is, which the reporter didn’t bother to check, everyone getting remotely close to the President or his team are COVID tested and the results are provided that very day. Another socialist media whine is about the “controversy” over President Trump using the White House for campaign purposes. It is only a controversy because the media is making it one. President Ronald Reagan made his announcement to run for reelection from the Oval Office. So Trump’s speech Thursday is not a precedent. So many lies by the media, so little time to fact check all of them. As in Isaiah 59:14, “truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”

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Bill Wilson