GOP Convention: positive with a warning

The first night of the GOP Convention kicked off with an upbeat video about America being a land of promise. The night featured speakers who showed both the promise of America, its goodness, and opportunity AND Democratic Party radical socialism that threatens to remake our country. It was a stark contrast to the negative name-calling of the Democratic National Convention a week ago. But it’s all in the eyes of the beholder how the convention is being interpreted. The mainstream news media, which gave the Democrats espousing socialism a pass, are outraged with the Republican characterization of a Biden-Harris America. Republicans focused on freedom, free markets, family values, and God.

The opening video, voiced by actor Jon Voight, set the tone for the rest of the night, however, many of the networks didn’t show it and they broke away for commercials during important parts of the evening. The opening video text, which the mainstream media essentially censored, reads: “We come together tonight to imagine a future…Determined by the shining light of our hopes and values and faith. A country where we are judged by our character with dignity and respect for all. The belief that all are created equal, that lives matter irrespective of race, creed or color…Committed to excelling beyond our dreams, limited only by our imaginations… where rugged individualism and American exceptionalism inspire the best in each of us. And when we see injustice to one, we act to fix it for all. This is our story. We journey together.

“We stand in the breech to preserve a way of life, that while imperfect, has brought prosperity, honor and dignity to generations past and generations to come. Four years ago, we faced a historic crossroad. Career politicians promising change every election, but delivering emptiness…We chose a different path. A man who is not a politician. A man who cares. A man who loves America, AND all Americans. A man who works tirelessly for you, even tonight during this nomination. The results…Jobs were created, embracing the undeniable greatness of diversity. Prosperity. Safe communities. Protecting and serving. Caring for one another. Still, politicians spun their deceptions and obstructed progress. Fanning the flames of lawlessness. We all know that it is easy to criticize. It takes a true leader to solve problems.

“COVID 19. While others criticized without solutions. President Trump’s swift action saved lives. And as leading Democrats want to keep businesses closed down, our President is leading the way for a full economic recovery. We are America. Despite unpredictable events, we, as Americans, work together to overcome challenges, write our own stories. The legends for our posterity. America. Land of heroes. Land of Promise. Land of Opportunity. Land of Greatness. Join us over the next four nights as we write the next chapter of our journey and share our vision as the greatest country, with the greatest citizens, that attain the greatest achievements.” I know very personally that these words were Holy Spirit inspired. The President embraces them. Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” Keep that in mind as the mainstream media sides without shame with the socialists.

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Bill Wilson