Attack dogs on the postman

You may not have known, but the Republican National Convention is being held this week. Leading up to the opening night were ongoing hit pieces as the news media continues to spin President Trump and those who voted for him as terrible people. Reading stories from across the media outlets, there are few, if any, that cast the current presidency in a positive light. They adopted, for example, the Democratic position casting Trump’s postal system reforms as politically motivated to frustrate “vote by mail” efforts. They say the president knows he cannot win reelection if people vote by mail. Do they know something we don’t? Sure! Every dead person on the voter rolls will be voting by mail. Wait and see.

This vote by mail is so important to the Democrats that they voted in an emergency session to give the Post Office an extra $25 billion and to prohibit any postal reforms until after the election. This against the backdrop of adjourning Congress before passing any additional COVID 19 relief for Americans who have been negatively impacted by the economic effects of coronavirus. Socialist Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), said upon passage of the Post Office bill, “Let it be clear: This administration is waging an authoritarian campaign to sabotage this election by manipulating the Postal Service to suppress our votes…this is not a conspiracy theory. This is fascism. We will not stand for this.”

There are a lot of problems with Tlaib’s statement. There is so much opportunity for fraud with vote by mail, which has been illuminated by ballots missing for months, dead people voting (this also is because Democrats have blocked updating voter rolls with the false argument that updating voter rolls results in voter suppression), and people voting on behalf of those who don’t cast their own votes. These are all known tactics of stealing elections. The post offices in Democratic Party-controlled areas have supported these kinds of shenanigans for decades. I have seen it first hand when I discovered the post office in Merifield, VA., had “lost” a “get out the vote” mass mailing by one of my candidate clients. I found bags and bags of them in a corner in the post office. The postmaster threatened to arrest me if I didn’t leave.

In that case, I called the Postmaster General in the Reagan Administration and I was not the one who had to leave. I’m just saying that Democrats are more concerned about vote by mail than they are about COVID 19 relief. Yet they will say Trump is killing people by how he is handling COVID 19, AND call him a fascist for foiling their plans to steal the election by mail. But they are accusing him of what they are doing. The media attack dogs are all too happy to weigh in with their leftist opinions disguised as news. In Matthew 24:4, Christ says, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” He was speaking to his disciples about the end times. In this example, you must not be deceived or you will be participating in the end times of your rights to freely speak and worship your God.

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Bill Wilson