Reconciling the irreconcilable

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has said and done some racist things in the not so distant past, and his now running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was a most critical opponent—before she was chosen as Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate. Now, she is saying that she didn’t mean her racist claims about Biden. That it was just politics. We have to ask ourselves if that’s how Democratic Party politicians view the issues they are promoting—just the game of politics. They are stirring up violence in the streets, demanding the defunding of law enforcement, allowing lawlessness to prevail over racial divisions and now their top candidate is saying her racial accusations were just “politics.” What gives?

This was Harris during the July 31, 2019 Democratic Presidential debate: “When Vice President Biden was in the United States Senate working with segregationists to oppose busing, which was the vehicle by which we would integrate America’s public schools, had I been in the United States Senate at that time I would have been on the other side of the aisle.” Harris was relentless pointing out ,“It was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing…There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school every day. That little girl was me. So I will tell you that on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate. …We have to take it seriously.”

Fast forward to August 16th on the CBS Late Show. Stephen Colbert asked Harris how she went from being a passionate opponent to becoming pals? She laughed off the question, saying it was a debate. Colbert replied, “So, you don’t mean it?” Harris responded, “It was a debate. The whole evening, literally, it was a debate. It was called a debate. There were journalists covering the debate…” Harris’s accusations a year ago that Biden supported racism and worked in the Senate to continue the Jim Crow segregation laws against black Americans are extraordinarily serious, yet today she passes these off as just “a debate.” How can any of us believe that either Biden or Harris are serious about ending racism and are only pandering for votes?

I’m pretty sure the victims of the riots and looters in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and other places across the country don’t think this is just “a debate.” This is not just a game. Or is it? Are candidates for office sincere about their beliefs or are they just telling you what you want to hear? Proverbs 6:16-19 states, “These six things does the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brethren.” Is it any surprise that Harris can laugh off Biden’s racist actions as just “a debate,” something only a year ago she said could not be part of an “intellectual debate,” but had to be taken seriously based on principle?


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