The common thread of destruction

The Washington Post has done a hit piece on President Trump about how his negotiating skills have failed him as president and he has had to resort to Executive Orders to get things done. “The president’s inability to reach a deal with Congress on a payroll tax cut or an extension of unemployment benefits underscored his underwhelming record as a presidential negotiator, according to several historians and lawmakers from both parties,” wrote Toluse Olorunnipa and Ashley Parker on August 9. This is yet another example of fake news. Nowhere in this article is there any mention that the Democrats hold the House of Representatives and that the Democrats have been obstructing the Trump agenda since before he took office.

In fact, Trump arguably has accomplished more than any modern president given the fierce opposition he has faced. The use of Executive Orders (EOs) by presidents is commonplace. According to The American Presidency Project, Trump is about average in the use of EOs. Jimmy Carter, in four years, issued 320/80 per year. Ronald Reagan, who faced extraordinary opposition from Congress, had 381 in two terms, 48 per year. George H.W. Bush issued 166 in four years. Bill Clinton directed 364 in two terms. George W. Bush, 291 EOs in two terms; and Barack Obama, 276 in two terms. Donald Trump has issued 172 during one term—49 per year. Many of Trump’s EOs were undoing his predecessors harmful EOs.

Can you see how the leftist media presents a case to make someone look bad, absolving political allies of any wrong-doing when they did the exact same thing? Let’s look at a couple more examples. In Chicago, Portland, Seattle and other places where there are Democratic Mayors and Governors in charge, there is unchecked violence against the citizens that live there conducted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Organization “protesters.” The Democratic officeholders in these places refuse to take measures to stop the violence, and yes, killing. Additionally, California, New York, Washington, DC, Michigan, Minnesota and other states with Democratic governors have the biggest problem with COVID. Why? They also are taking the most stringent actions against their citizens regarding lockdowns, fines, mask requirements, gatherings, etc.

All this obstruction in Congress, refusal to enforce the law, the lack of sensible COVID prevention measures, the resultant lockdown and resistance to reopen the economy, and the taking away of citizen’s rights are being done by Democratic Party officeholders. They tried to take out Trump over the past 4 years. It didn’t work. So now their actions are harshly impacting citizens and they are blaming it on Trump, hoping that if they resist long enough people will vote Trump out of office. These are like those written about in Jeremiah 9:5, “And they will deceive every one his neighbor, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.” They are the common thread to the chaos and destruction in our nation.

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