Breaking your back with the rod of obstruction

There is mounting evidence that powerful democrats, the media and the deep state continue to work in obstructing relaunching the economy, keeping communities safe, and any movement to end the COVID 19 pandemic in America. Over the weekend, for example, President Trump issued Executive Orders to defer payroll tax obligations, provide wage assistance to those who have lost their jobs, postpone evictions of renters and provide financial assistance for rent, and extended student loan repayment relief. Much of the money is from unused funds allocated for other areas of relief. These measures were taken because Democrats are playing stall-ball with the election at your expense.

The president explained in one of his Executive Orders: “Because many of the relief programs created by the Congress have expired or will shortly expire, my Administration and the Republican leadership in the United States Senate have proposed multiple options to continue to provide needed relief to Americans.  But Democratic Members of Congress have twice blocked temporary extensions of supplemental unemployment benefits.  Political games that harm American lives are unacceptable, especially during a global pandemic, and therefore I am taking action to provide financial security to Americans.” Now the Democratic Leadership is expressing outrage over the president’s actions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Sunday told CNN’s “State of the Union,” “The fact is, is that whether they’re legal or not takes time to figure out. I associate my remarks with what the senator who says, they’re unconstitutional slop. Right now, we want to address the needs of the American people. As my constitutional advisers tell me, they’re absurdly unconstitutional. But right now our focus —and that’s a parallel thing—right now the focus, the priority, has to be on, again, meeting the needs of the American people sufficiently allocating resources to send children to school, not threatening schools that if they don’t have actual attendance, they won’t get the federal dollars.” No Pelosi, it’s about putting food on the table.

Pelosi is taking a lot of words to say that she and the Democratic Party leadership are doing everything they can to obstruct Trump’s efforts to help American citizens during a crisis. She and the Democratic Party are hoping that by locking down the economy and abandoning efforts to assist those in need, that Americans will vote Trump out of office. That’s all this is. Pelosi says her focus is meeting the needs of the American people, but they are refusing to pass legislation that does that. When Trump bypasses them, they cry foul. As Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” The Bible often warns against deception. The deception here is Democratic Party leadership wants Trump out of office and they are willing to break your back to get it done, while saying that Trump is wrong to help you.

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Bill Wilson