Intentional destruction by fear

As we unpack the COVID 19 pandemic, Americans are going to find that false information, lies, false science, and sinister deep state-like forces are destroying our lives for political and personal gain. I know it’s a bold, controversial statement. Consider, however, how ruthlessly the left, the media, and the deep state prosecuted an anti-globalist President who threatened their power. That didn’t work, so they turned on the citizenry. Democrat politicians and globalists demanded closing businesses, put us under house arrest, shifted food distribution networks so food prices skyrocketed, infected nursing homes, and now are promoting violence. The intentional destruction by fear collapsing the American way of life.

Dr. Anthony Codevilla, senior fellow at the conservative think tank Claremon Institute, in his powerful essay about “The COVID Coup,” wrote, “By intentionally reducing the supply of food available to the population, the US government joined the ranks of such as Stalin’s Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba.” The shutdown of medical care except for COVID cost countless lives. Over 40 million people are out of work. Small businesses, the engine of our economy, have been permanently shuttered. Codevilla, wrote “In sum, the lockdowns have been perpetuated and prolonged by people who care more about your compliance than your health.”

Codevilla writes, “Support for the lockdowns has become as integral to the American Establishment Left, i.e., to the Democratic Party, as belief in abortion, global warming, open borders, and censorship of whatever they choose to call “hate speech.” To understand this, one must realize that the ruling class’s campaign regarding public health, global warming, race, the rights of women, homosexuals, micro-aggressions, the Palestinians, etc. etc. have far less to do with any of these matters than with seizing ever more power for itself.” He says, “The existing party sentiment and like-mindedness were enough to produce the unanimity and uniformity with which the ruling class has used the COVID-19 event to produce, stoke, and maintain fear, to energize its constituencies’ agendas in pursuit of its power.”

He says, “The prospect of locking down the country, ostensibly to save it from COVID-19, offered a near monopoly of communications. Trump’s rallies were shut down. Above all, churches were shut down, as well as the countless meetings of clubs, businesses, friends, etc. that are the lifeblood of what one might call the country class.” Codevilla concludes: “The experts who made this happen stigmatized, tried to silence, and effectively criminalized dissent as dangerous to health and, of course, as racist. But there is zero evidence that all or any of the above measures increased anybody’s life expectancy, and plenty to the contrary. They wronged America.”

This has been a terrible time in American history. Our Republic is in shambles. Unless we take back what has been taken from us, we will live under a new normal of heavy handed of tyranny. In all his steadfast standing against the deep state, the communistic Democratic Party, and the news media, President Trump was driven by these events and deceivers through a slaughter house gate that shut down America, and put us all under house arrest because of fear of a flu. But it is not yet checkmate, if we can rise up and do the right thing. 2 Timothy 3:13 says, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” In this age of deception, we need to: Wake up; Stand up; Say “NO MORE”; Fear not; and revive the spirit of our nation by boldly standing and saying “Enough is Enough.”

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Bill Wilson