The prophetic implications of COVID 19 resurgence

The news media is pumping out so many various claims about COVID 19 that it is difficult to discern what to believe. Masks help; masks don’t help. Vaccine will help; vaccine will not help. Cases are increasing, but testing is not accurate. The virus can be transmitted from various surfaces; the virus can’t live on various surfaces. There are so many conflicting stories that confusion and fear continue to build. This “pandemic,” real or imagined or somewhere in between, is a prophetic type and shadow of how fear and confusion will be leveraged to deceive those into believing in an antiChrist figure and surrendering freedom and salvation for small assurances—like trading your birthright for a bowl of stew.

Matthew 24 speaks of wars, earthquakes, pestilences and famine as precursors to the “beginning of sorrows.” There have been events such as COVID-19 in the past. In 2005, I documented in my book “Warshod” that in the previous 100 years, small pox killed 300 million people, and influenza millions. In 1918, for example, a worldwide flu epidemic attacked about 20% of the global population, leaving some 50 million dead, 675,000 deaths in the US. Do you not think that those who were alive then believed the end times were upon them? In a 14-year period from 1991-2005, earthquake frequency had increased 88%, and in the 1900s, 165 wars and tyrannies contributed to 180 million deaths—100 million attributed to communism. This was a 125% increase in war-related deaths over the previous century. Famine follows war.

Many have tried to make the case that COVID 19 is one of the bowl judgments in Revelation. It is not. The bowl judgments come AFTER the beast (antichrist) has taken control in the last 3 ½ years of Jacobs Troubles, commonly referred to as the Tribulation. We have not seen such a figure as yet. We can, however, through this virus example, see how the entire world can be impacted by a single event and how a leader might arise. Our response—First, as Christ said, do not be deceived. Second, this is an opportunity. Show the love of Christ to others. Bond together. Help one another. Pray for one another. Have empathy.

COVID-19 is showing us just how quickly the world can be locked down in response to a crisis, and how fear can impact normalcy. As we look at this prophetically, watch carefully for leaders arising out of the Middle East, especially from Turkey and Iran. Study Daniel 8, Ezekiel 38-39, and Matthew 24. Don’t get caught up in the wild-eyed claims and conspiracy theories—they are only there to deceive. Be wise. Take care. Show the love of Christ as your testimony. Remember, you are still here and you will be until the Lord decides to remove you. As Christ said in Matthew 24:13, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” You have been given a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Do not fear.

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