The Compound Blessing

As America begins to celebrate Independence Day with cook outs and family meals, please take some time to read this report from the other side of the world by Pastor William Agbeti. He writes: “The need for nutritious meals by underserved children and parents in Ghana, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, is becoming increasingly overwhelming. Even as we were finalizing the listings to serve some 260 needy children, our volunteers kept bombarding me on the phone with more appeals from several other children and parents asking for help. While the appeals are deeply touching, our volunteers must remain focused on the current distribution program. They can’t give any promises, as we are on a tight budget.

“The distributions took place at six different locations by several highly motivated and dedicated volunteers. They bought raw food, cooked, packed and distributed meals to needy children in various compound houses in deprived communities. Compound houses usually have only single sleeping rooms and, in many cases, are without toilet facilities. I know, because I grew up in one. We were five in a small space, no toilet. I shared the same bed with Dad and Mum. My sister and a cousin slept on the floor by the bed. Our shower was a shared one near a major highway, open to the point that one had to bend low to avoid being seen naked by those driving by. It took the Grace of God, and assistance from many good saints to bring me out of that misery when I grew up. And I’m very grateful to God and all who helped me along the way.

“For many, it is even worse than my experience. Children shower near open drains in front of the houses by the road, and attend to nature’s call in the roadside gutters or around the bushes. As disgraceful and disturbing this is, there is an urgent need for the truth to be told and for help to be directed towards these suffering people. These are some of the littlest in society that we served with fried rice, fried chicken, boiled eggs, coleslaw, a local health drink called SOBOLO, made out of the hibiscus flower and several spices, Vitamin C tablets and bottled water. Many could not hold back the gratitude they felt for the love shown them. They sang and danced! Our volunteers also were deeply moved and very thankful for being chosen as conduits of blessing the needy, even though many of them are also needy.

“As I served these needy children, I recall my days in a compound house, too. Nobody brought me help like this! It was only my senior brother who visited us at Christmas and brought us live chicken and Fanta. Upon receiving these items, we would jump and sing. They were our only treat, once a year! I saw this same experience playing out when serving these children. This compels me to faithfully do more for the needy children out there and commit to serving them wholeheartedly. Matthew 19:14 says: “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Our service to needy children is to show them the love of God, introducing the Grace of God, the love of Christ and the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Thank you for helping make this service possible.”

Bill Wilson

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