An Antifa object lesson

Watching the videos of a street preacher being harassed, wrestled to the ground and dragged in the Seattle Antifa-controlled “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” is confirmation of just how your freedoms of speech and religion will be handled under militant leftist groups if they are allowed authority. Under the claim of being anti-fascist, they are fascist. They want to defund police so that they can easily take over areas of the country and rule with their brand of “democracy,” which is rule by majority in a specific area rather than rule by law. Laws in the United States are designed to protect minorities from this very kind of vigilante “justice.” You give up some freedom for protection under the law. It’s called the social contract.

Most reasonable people do not want to abolish police or give in to loser anarchists ruling over them. You can see with the Seattle example what happens to very basic rights. This time it is a street preacher. Next time, it could be you. It’s not so appealing is it? Makes you a bit uneasy, right? Makes you angry? Now imagine how black people feel when they see that those who are supposed to uphold the law treat them the same way that Antifa is being allowed to treat the street preacher. Only they have been treated this way for decades. I realize that many in America have not seen this treatment and hardly believe that it happens, but it does. Just how in the back of your mind you would feel uneasy about walking through the Seattle zone, is how many black brothers and sisters feel every day. I am reporting what I have found after many interviews.

The problem here is that a vast majority discounts this soft tyranny with “yeah but.” So many people have given so many reasons why these black men and women have been killed. It’s almost as if they are trying to justify an unjust death because of some collective misdeed assigned to the victims. Let me be very clear. An unjust (meaning deadly force is used when a life-preserving option is available) taking of a life, irrespective of what a person is accused of, or has done in the past, goes against Christian principle. Christ said in John 10:10, “I am come that they may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” As Christians, we are called to support life over death, love over hate, and just law over unjust law. It’s not just about unjust deaths, it is about the ongoing harassment. The deaths are the tip of the spear, so to speak.

Equal protection under the law. If you break the law, your protections do not stop, but rather begin in another way, meaning you are innocent until proven guilty. Many people forget that small fact. I hear, “Well he did this or she had a record.” This is in material. Whether you agree with the Seattle street preacher’s methods, we all can agree that he should be protected under the law. Instead he is harassed and assaulted. It is an example of what will happen if the left’s army is allowed to take over. But it is also an object lesson about how laws are in place to protect the minority from the whims of the majority. And the laws are supposed to be color blind, as are those who enforce them. All this to say, that if you claim to be a disciple of Christ, the standard is far higher than the political agendas that hijack and choke out the truth. Don’t be deceived.

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