COVID relief socialism vs the free market

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives repeatedly is placing socialist elements in COVID-19 relief legislation. Things like guaranteed minimum wage (yes, that’s where “stimulus” checks lead), vote by mail without voter roll clean ups, business bail-outs (targeting their favorite businesses, of course), and environmental (translated: groundwork for global warming/climate change taxes), among other things. They say all this is necessary to get the economy and the “little guy” up and running again when the country reopens. But all my sources in the nation’s capitol say that the Democrats want to strangle the economy by putting off reopening to defeat President Trump and establish socialism.

In the interest of fairness, I don’t like the idea of each week demonizing the Democratic Party for what they are doing. Trouble is, they are the leaders in falsifying information, rigging the vote, trying to tear down the free market system, encourage immorality and do whatever they accuse their opponents of doing. Trouble with Republicans, they don’t do enough to point these things out and make their case to the American people. But one thing we know for sure, government at its best does not measure up to free market enterprise. And when we look at the current COVID-19 situation, where does government stack up against the corporate environment?

Well, the government has gone into tremendous debt to send out checks to everybody so they can live during this mandated quarantine of everyone. But those checks, if you have even gotten one (to date, neither my wife nor I have received anything from the government), wouldn’t buy groceries for the month, let alone pay many bills. Yet in robbing Peter to pay Paul (taxing you and me to pay you and me, well, or maybe someone else), the government has created more debt and continues to make the case for more socialism. And some idiots are buying in. If you want to see what socialism does, look at Venezuela, a once prosperous and promising nation, now a crumbling monument to socialism.

But corporations in America, the gemstone of the free market, have actually made a difference to save lives and comfort the sick during this pandemic. Just one example: The NFL and NFL players alone have surpassed over $120 million. In addition to companies giving money, many have retooled to make life-saving equipment. The socialists say, “Well they get a tax break for doing this.” Yes, exactly. That’s the point. Socialism is forced, the free market is voluntary and based on incentive. As in Acts 2:44-45, “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” This worked because it was voluntary and there was a blessing in it for all. Socialism redistributes wealth by authority and force. It never works because of its authoritarianism and tyranny.

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Bill Wilson