Why vote by mail is bad

We have heard a lot in the news media lately about how President Trump is trying to undermine democracy and steal the election through his opposition to “vote by mail.” The Democratic Party leadership is all up in arms about the possibility that all registered voters will not be able to vote during this pandemic and vote by mail will save democracy in America. Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the same that paid for the false dossier that the Obama Administration used to get FISA Court approval to spy on president-elect Trump, Tom Perez told MSNBC, “This president, in a desperate effort to steal an election, is going to stop at nothing.” The DNC is accusing Trump of its own exact intentions.

Perez said, “What we have to do between now and November is make sure that every single voter in every single state has a choice. The choice to vote on election day. So the choice to early vote, the more days of early voting, the more social distancing you do and the right to vote absentee with no excuse, the right to vote by mail. Republicans and Democrats agree on that.” In reality, the earlier the vote, the earlier the Democratic Party has to tally who has voted from the voter rolls. The earlier the vote, the more time the Democratic Party has to prepare mail in ballots for all those who are registered to vote but have not voted. Sounds great, right? Getting 100% of voters voting.

Problem is, this is one of the ways elections are stolen. In matching up who has voted with the voter rolls, one can fill out ballots for those who do not vote and send them in. No one will ever know that the person did not vote, but actually did. This is possible because the voter rolls have thousands upon thousands of dead people on them. No ID is required. Dead people can vote, and they do because the political party either mails in their vote or someone shows up at the poll posing as the dead person. More days to vote, leaves more days to manipulate the voter rolls. The earlier the voting, the more time for cheating. In every state where election commissions have tried to purge the voter rolls of the dead people, the Democratic Party and the ACLU has filed suits to obstruct it, saying that it disenfranchises minorities.

Mail in voting also may skew election results by people receiving ballots that are ineligible to vote. Breitbart reports that the Public Interest Legal Foundation recently reached a settlement with Allegheny County, PA, including Pittsburgh, to clean up voter rolls which included some 1,600 dead registered voters, 7,500 duplicate voter registrations, 1,523 voters who are over 100 years old, and nearly 1,200 who have no date of birth. That’s just one area. Song of Solomon 2:15 says, “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines.” The little foxes can’t reach the fruit so they chew on the vines and kill them. Mail in voting without purging of the voter rolls will kill the vine of Liberty.

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Bill Wilson