The debate on saving COVID-19 lives

Against the backdrop of the New York Times and CNN doing more hit pieces on President Donald Trump using COVID-19 Task Force’s Dr. Fauci as the hitman, Americans should all be wondering when we are going to work together to solve this virus problem. Fauci answered a direct question about whether lives could have been saved if the government had acted sooner on the early information it had. Fauci replied, “Obviously you could logically say that if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier you could’ve saved lives, obviously.” Thus, the words that created another firestorm of people accusing Trump of being a murderer. Sadly, this statement of fact will be abused now and forever.

Hindsight is usually picture perfect. Clearly, had anyone really known that COVID-19 was a virulent as it was, and that if the nation went into lockdown in February, lives could have been saved. It would be dense-minded to conclude otherwise. Democrats and the news media are focused on blaming Trump and his Administration for the deaths related to COVID-19. Fauci’s connections to the World Health Organization and globalist foundations cause pause in his credibility from the standpoint that he could be someone on the inside who is collaborating with others to bring down the Trump presidency. Irrespective, the statement that shutting down the country earlier would have saved lives, is with all probability, true.

Let us remember what was happening in January. Trump was under relentless fire every day from the news media and the Democratic leadership trying to impeach him, remove him from office. To be approached about a flu virus at that time would have seemed nominal, and let us also remember that Trump’s early attempts in January to address COVID-19 were met with ridicule and name calling from the Democratic leadership. This is clearly documented. For those who say that lives could have been saved if Trump would have acted to shut down the country sooner, the answer is yes. Then there is a big “BUT…” But, fact is, lives could have been saved if Democrats and the media hadn’t been so focused on removing Trump.

If the Democratic leadership understood the COVID-19 threat (and they had more info than we did), why didn’t they act in January instead of pursuing impeachment and ridiculing the President when he banned travel from China? To this day, no constructive suggestions arise from either the Democratic leadership or the news media about how to handle this plague. We are Americans. We have solved mighty problems and met insurmountable challenges when we have worked together. The headline today should read, “If Democrats would have worked with Republicans on COVID-19, lives would have been saved.” Instead, the deception continues. Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Instead of placing blame in the midst of a deadly crisis, give solutions to the problem. Apparently, they have none.

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