Doers of the word are saving lives during COVID-19

Against the backdrop of Democrats, the news media, and Hollywood entertainers adding nothing to improve the COVID-19 situation in America or abroad, The Daily Jot and our ministry partners led by Pastor William Agbeti are hard at work buying and distributing foodstuffs to underserved and impoverished families in Ghana, West Africa. The country has done a good job containing the deadly virus to date, but the extreme measures of enforcing a lockdown of the major cities has had an extraordinary impact on those dependent on the food that comes from the daily markets in those cities and small villages under lockdown. Pastor Agbeti has been receiving distress calls from families desperately in need of food.

Pastor Agbeti reports: “Our second distribution of critical help for another set of 57 distressed families (over 200 fathers, mothers, and children) impacted by COVID-19 kicked off today, and continues tomorrow, God willing. Armed with an official pass, I set off on my watch to the epicenter of the COVID-19 lockdown zone in Accra. I first dropped off three Physician Assistants who have been called by the Ministry of Health for short training and deployment. After, I visited four families to deliver little amounts of financial assistance to enable them to  food items on their own, for at least one week. The whole exercise took some four hours in between, including travel time.

“Even though I felt like a big shot, being waved to pass at various check points manned by heavily armed military personnel, I did not let that fool me. After serving the last family, I quickly headed straight home, still observing all protocols with a mask on, and hand sanitizer in the vehicle. Meanwhile, I had two other teams elsewhere in other zones, also putting their lives on the line to serve distressed families and the country. These keep sending me live reports directly from the field by WhatsApp. I’m deeply humbled by the selflessness, dedication to duty and the love of God by those out there helping out, who include three of my own children. Please continue to pray for us all.”

Instead of pointing fingers, playing politics and criticizing others for the current situation, Pastor Agbeti and his team of courageous volunteers, are boots on the ground, doing the work of the Lord by providing food for the most needy affected by this pandemic. They are doing what they can with a smile on their face and a song in their heart. They couldn’t do it without you. Your support powers the engine of food distribution to areas unreached by the government or other organizations. This is real James 1:22 effort: “But be you doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” No deception here. Your support and prayers are saving lives on the front lines of this pandemic. You and the Ghana team are truly doers of the word! It’s an honor to report to you and to serve them. Thank you.

Bill Wilson