Humanitarian Efforts in full swing in COVID-19 affected areas

By Pastor William Agbeti, Accra, Ghana

We have had five (5) dedicated teams of volunteers, spread across four (4) rural areas in Ghana. Their mission? To answer to distress calls from some forty (40) families affected by the impact of COVID-19, who require immediate assistance.

All 40 families live outside lockdown zones and have been greatly unsettled by loss of income, price gouging, shortage of some essential items, fear, hopelessness, etc., in the wake of the lockdown in the major cities here in Ghana. It’s overwhelming!

Fortunately, four of the teams are all outside of the lockdown perimeters. One team is within one of the lockdown epicenters, and so far we are not facing any objection, since the new law allows people to go out briefly for food, distribute food and sell food in accordance with set directives.

Monday, one of the teams ran into empty markets where food items have been sold out because of panic buying. Tuesday, the same team had to go from market to market to locate much-needed food items.

Each team is supplied with hand sanitizer to protect its members and to let families use them, as they give assistance to the poorest of the poor in the name of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the safety of team members, and God’s protection for the families. Also, please pray for the effective spread of the love of God to the beneficiary families and children, as well as acceptance of Jesus Christ through demonstrative evangelism. Also, please pray for Christians amongst them to know that God’s promise to not leave nor forsake them is real.

May the precious blood of Jesus Christ cover us all in this storm and bring us out much stronger as a people of God. Thanks for your prayerful involvement in this labor of love.

Bill Wilson