The COVID-19 propaganda machine

It won’t be long, maybe a few days, that you will not be getting the raw, candid, unedited live version of President Trump’s COVID-19 news briefings. These are too much for the very biased news media to handle, especially when they cannot put their own spin on the President’s words. The free press is making decisions to bind up the raw material and do their own “fact checking” on everything the President says about COVID-19 recovery. When this decision is made, you will be hearing a lot more from Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden showing his brand of leadership by cowering in his home in a makeshift studio taking pot shots at everything the President says. Now that’s real news coverage, right?

At a time in our nation when good news is difficult to find, the news media wants to do its part in bringing the darkest, gloomiest account of how America is no more. The great American ideal of being able to meet any and all challenges with a spirit of hope, creative ingenuity, and undeniable courage is cast aside by a news media that wants to show all the bad things that happen because their darling socialist is not in leadership. Instead of finding the stories of victory over this virus, they brood over how any glimmer of hope is just a fleeting misfire. Instead of telling the many stories of how people of all races, ethnicities, and social strata are working together and caring for one another, they show the dark side of humanity. Oh, I guess that’s news.

Somehow the news media has determined that Trump is using the COVID-19 news briefings as campaign rallies. So they are wanting to quit covering them live and edit down the content so they can fix the Trump narrative of how America can defeat this virus. They are so bent on the idea that Trump’s actions are resulting in more deaths than necessary, that they can’t even begin to fathom that there might just be some truth in hope. I’ve watched many of these briefings, and the questions asked by these young socialists are disrespectful, sarcastic and misleading. Yet, Trump and his team have exercised great patience in answering all of them, no matter how ridiculous they are.

The news media has the chance to grill the President every day, essentially have an interview with him on a daily basis. Good journalists would thirst for such a chance. These politically intolerant, ideological bigots are so eager to hear their own opinions that they want to shut down a very rare chance to provide insight on the President’s thinking during a time of historic crisis. The media’s ignorant group think, its collective bias, laziness, and arrogance is a disservice to the First Amendment. They are a propaganda machine for ignorance, while selling themselves as enlightenment. You will not find much truth in the media. As 1 Thessalonians 5:21 says, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” Discernment is key to your mental health and survival. Be careful what and how much news you watch. Even more careful what you believe.

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Bill Wilson