Human Trafficking—the evil organization

Anna (not her real name) was one of the fortunate ones. She was ready to take that fatal step of flying to Saudi Arabia for an unspecified job and the promise of riches. She was told to tell no one; that it would be a pleasant surprise for her family to know that she had a great job and would be sending money home. But she had a bad dream about it. And was it disturbing her. She was in a store where Pastor William Agbeti was, and he noticed her troubled look. In a brief conversation, she told Agbeti she needed help. He immediately went into action. He advised her not to go; to tell her parents; to pray; and to get out of the situation as soon as possible. Now, the human trafficking network was exposed.

It was a very cunning scheme, and it shows clearly how human trafficking can work. A local woman who was a person of trust came to the house where Anna was working. She reached out to Anna, painting a picture of a great job, big money, opportunities for cars and real estate. She said that her daughter was taking advantage of the opportunity in Saudi Arabia, and that Anna should do so as well. Now this sounded pretty good to Anna. After all, she wanted to travel. She wanted to make better money. And she wanted her family to benefit. If the woman’s daughter was successful in this, then that was even better. Anna was told to keep things quiet, to tell no one, and to buy some clothes for her trip in two weeks.

Within the week, there was a second meeting. Three additional young ladies were involved. They were told their flight was booked and all expenses were handled. Anna noticed another man who had been talking to the woman. The man, also a local Ghanaian, was apparently the next level, the enforcer. When Anna told the woman that she would not go, extraordinary pressure was applied—to the point that the man told Anna a lot had been invested in her to go and it would be lost. When Anna still refused, the man and the woman tried to force her into a car. When Anna made a public spectacle out of this scene, they let her go. But the other girls are missing to this day. No known word of them.

So you see the organization here? A front woman identifies the target and makes contact. There is another level of a person to enforce. And somewhere on down the line is yet other people who usher the target onto the plane, accompany the target to the destination, get the target through customs and into slavery. As we have written in the past, there are Muslims behind this darkness. They pay others to disguise their operations. They have studied human psychology to fine tune their persuasive art so that it appears voluntary. This is an evil system. Exodus 21:16 says, ”And he that steals a man, and sells him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.” And so it should be even today.


Bill Wilson

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