The American Chronicles: The Nancy Winchester Story

A man and a pony  

In Kingsland, Georgia, about a mile from the Florida line, there is a quaint campground called Country Oaks that brought me back to my childhood. The lodge across from a scenic lake amidst the trees laden with Spanish moss was a tribute to Roy Rogers and Western history. Relics of America-past were parked on the…

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The lies and makers of lies

Screenshot of an article from America First Legal

The White House denied any foreknowledge of the FBI raid on President Trump’s home in August 2022, but new documents reveal that Joe Biden and his staff not only knew about the raid beforehand, but authorized it. According to documents obtained by America First Legal under the Freedom of Information Act, Biden’s White House authorized…

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Stupidocrisy: Media say Trump prosecution good for America

Bananen Republik

Many leading media outlets have written stories suggesting that democracies routinely prosecute their heads of state and this is good for the democracy, they say. These stories are no less an attempt to shape America’s public opinion that prosecuting President Trump is good for the country. America is a Constitutional Republic where the rule of…

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Report: COVID crisis could be just beginning


For all the fanfare about the government declaring the COVID emergency ended, it may just be beginning in another form. Government, big pharma, and news media collusion resulted in the truth being blocked about the mRNA shots that despite being promoted as safe and effective, were neither. A recent report indicates that the COVID mRNA…

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An example of Media twisting the truth

Speaker at the Brussels Economic Forum

Free speech and freedom of the press is Constitutionally protected as a lynchpin to a society free from tyranny. The press is supposed to be the fourth estate to hold government accountable. But when the press is used, willingly or forcefully, as a mouthpiece for the government, tyranny is not far behind. In today’s America,…

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The Farm Chronicles: Resurrection Day on the Farm

A mother and her son

My room at the farm was on the East side of the house. It overlooked the horse corral, the old maple tree by the well, and our large field that was used to grow corn, wheat or for cattle and horse grazing, depending on the year. Some of my fondest memories were waking up to…

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What was the Last Supper?

Chalice and bread

As we enter the High Holy Days commemorating the death and resurrection of the Christ that all who believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life, it is fitting that we understand exactly what was the “Last Supper.” The traditional Christian concept of the Last Supper is Christ having dinner with his disciples…

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Stupidocrisy: Biden’s Trans Day

A Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility

Joe Biden has called for March 30 to be “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Oddly enough, it coincides with the Trans Radical Activist Network’s (TRAN) Trans Day of Vengeance on March 31, which was called off because TRANS said it couldn’t safely hold the day of projected violence because of the “flood of raw hatred directed…

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Some questions concerning our children

Don’t Mess With Our Children!

The Nashville Christian school shooting by a transgender woman identifying as a man has politicians once again calling for more gun control. They refuse to consider the responsibility and character of the person pulling the trigger. The LGBTQ+ community argues vehemently that intolerance and lack of public acceptance causes children questioning their sexuality to attempt…

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The Nuclear Option

Donald Trump

In wake of the news that a New York Grand Jury handed down an indictment of President Trump, there is a lot of political maneuvering. Republicans say that the indictment is no less than election interference against Joe Biden’s most serious opponent. It does appear to be a communist-style move to politically assassinate a political…

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