When might doesn’t make right


When governments get too big and too powerful, the rights of citizens suffer. Every society in history has seen it and America is no exception. The government of the people, for the people and by the people is turning into a government of the government, for the government and by the ruling elite. Technology and…

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Stupidocrisy: Biden and sin

Joe Biden

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Woe to Joe. Joe Biden thinks it’s sin to prevent minor children from changing their sex. In response to a question from Harold &…

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Of child sexual abuse and the Catholic Church

Archdiocese of Baltimore  

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is urging its Roman Catholic congregants to oppose two bills “currently before the Maryland General Assembly that would remove the statute of limitations on civil claims for future incidents of child sexual abuse and retroactively revive claims that are currently time-barred, no matter how long ago the alleged abuse occurred.” In…

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Gabriel’s Vision of Revelation

An old scripture

Around the year 2000 a Bedouin man found a three-foot stone tablet in the Dead Sea area that many scholars believe foretells the death and resurrection of the Messiah. Known as Gabriel’s Vision of Revelation, the words inked instead of carved on the tablet appear to refer to the Messiah rising three days after his death. Some…

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The Farm Chronicles: Mailboxes and floorboard holes

A photo of Gran’pa, me, and dad

Gran’pa Billy, my dad’s dad, was born in 1889 and died just short of his 97th birthday. He was 65 years old when I was born, so I never knew him as a younger man. But he was quite the character. Standing all about 4’10”, chewing Happy Jim tobacco and smoking Camel no-filters, Gran’pa saw…

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Of evil leaders and hapless victims


Communism and socialism are about control and wealth redistribution. There are leaders and there are victims. While the leaders of these systems always say they are upholding the rights of the minorities and marginalized (the victims), what they are really doing is robbing the victims blind and enslaving them. The goal is to make these…

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Stupidocrisy: Many lies and a truth

Read between the Lines!  

How many lies can be told by the government, news media, and big business? Let me count the lies. Really, there is no end to them. Reaching back to the Obama years, the lies that the government has pushed on the American people, and the news media, as the fourth estate, has supported these lies,…

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Can I have a light?

Holding a lit candle

Looking at the headlines in the daily news, on television and radio, it takes no effort to see that the world we live in is a very dark place, getting darker by the minute. The COVID oppressions, government spying on citizens, the lies peddled every day as truth, the denial of truth as lies, the…

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The endurance of the saints

Lock Down COVID-19

No matter what news site you look at, or what paper you read, or what news program you watch or listen to, you are constantly bombarded with bad news about the economy. It’s nothing new. In January of 2009, The World Economic Forum became confrontational as union leaders said they had no confidence in the…

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