Hot air balloons

The Biden Administration, under the leader of the Commander in Chief, allowed a known Communist Chinese spy balloon to track its way across the United States for several days without taking action. Biden himself ordered the balloon shot down on February 1, but a defense official overruled him because of “safety concerns.” Then Biden’s boys…

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The 55 Thousand

The 55 Thousand

In Matthew 14 is the story of how Christ took five loaves of bread and two fishes and miraculously fed over 5,000 people. Verses 14-21 say, “And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and broke,…

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The Farm Chronicles: A Super Bowl Memory

Super Bowl VI

Growing up on the farm, we were not only farmers, but also sports fans. Late winter and early spring, it was basketball. Often, I could be found on my stomach in the living room using the electric antenna rotator to get the very best UHF channel for the Boston Celtics game. Usually had to watch…

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Never Again

CHD.TV website

When the Nazis conducted human experiments on Jews and executed them at will, the world said “Never Again.” Never again would the world let this happen. And countries agreed to measures to prevent such a holocaust and destruction. Now there is a documentary titled “Never Again” where holocaust survivors and their children and grandchildren are…

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Stupidocrisy: Health care agendas

VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 1/27/2023

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is investigating the over-the-counter eyecare product EzriCare Artificial Tears and is recommending it be discontinued immediately until the investigation is completed. CDC said in a January 20 notice, “Patient outcomes include permanent vision loss resulting from ocular infection, hospitalization, and death of one patient with bloodstream infection… CDC recommends…

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China balloons and a compromised president

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

In January of 2020, J.R. Nyquist, co-author of “The New Tactics of Global War,” wrote a column for Epoch Times about a speech by a retiring Chinese Defense Minister some 20 years ago that promoted Chinese policy using biological weapons against the America. General Chi Haotian said that the United States not only blocks China’s…

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Red balloons go by


The controversy over the Chinese spy balloons has reduced itself to a Democrat mob pointing fingers at former president Trump, saying the spy balloons were over the US when he was president. Trump denies it and said that if there were any Chinese spy balloons flying over, he would have shot them down immediately—not waiting…

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The Farm Chronicles: Kinda stuck with me

A young boy

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, TV westerns were the main indoor entertainment. My imagination would go wild watching these programs and acting them out in my own way on our 100-acre farm. One of my many “must see” shows was The Rifleman, starring Chuck Conners as Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his…

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The US Government and the end of COVID

Statement of Administration Policy

Joe Biden says he intends to declare an end to the COVID national and public health emergencies on May 11. The notice was made January 30 in a Statement of Policy to House Republicans who are considering legislation to bring a more immediate end to the COVID emergencies. The statement noted: “To be clear, continuation…

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Stupidocrisy: The Howard Dean scream

Howard Dean

It’s like a voice from the deep dark past of the annals of political history. Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean is back in the news. In 2005, Dean continuously pounded George W. Bush, Republicans and “white Christians” for not defending or protecting America. Of course, that was during the “war on terror,” translated “Islamic…

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