COVID Accountability

Governor Ron DeSantis Petitions Florida Supreme Court for Statewide Grand Jury on COVID-19 Vaccines and Announces Creation of the Public Health Integrity Committee  

For nearly two years, scientists and healthcare professionals with dissenting views on the handling of the COVID pandemic have been censored and many lost their jobs. The Federal socialist healthcare system through the Centers for Disease Control and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services forced protocols that may have resulted in the deaths of tens…

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Stupidocrisy: Government Sex

The reality behind the Respect for Marriage Act

It’s sex here, sex there, sex everywhere. The government is promoting sex. Joe Biden is promoting sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. That’s what the government is about these days. Biden and his merry crew celebrated the “Respect for Marriage Act” signing, which codifies same sex marriage into law, by using the occasion to promote sexual grooming…

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The Disinformation Age

Fake News

One thing that historians may well document is the roaring 20’s of disinformation—that is, the 2020s. The public was fed a steady diet that information was disinformation and disinformation was information. There was information that mail in ballots were used to defraud elections. There was information that a presidential candidate was involved in illegal activities…

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Unending investigations


The new trend in politics is to investigate something you think is illegal, spend millions of taxpayer dollars on it, hype it all over the media, get citizens mad at each other, and then close the investigation with no action. This is ridiculous. Meanwhile, if there are no real wrongdoings, people’s reputations and finances are…

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The Farm Chronicles: The ghost town jailhouse

The sliding jail of Jerome 

Growing up on the farm with horses and cattle, I naturally gravitated toward being a cowboy. Everything cowboy. I don’t think I wore anything but cowboy boots until I was in school, and only then to change up with those old Converse canvass tennis shoes for gym and playing basketball. All things cowboy. All the…

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Not gonna take it anymore

United Methodist Conference (UMC) church

According to various news reports, some 45 percent of United Methodist Conference (UMC) churches in Texas have left the oversight of the conference due to heretical stances on homosexuality and abortion. This is an indicator that Christians, at least in the Methodist denomination, are starting to wake up to the “woke” culture that goes against…

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Stupidocrisy: Suspending the Constitution

A tweet by Donald Trump  

Democrats and the media are demanding that every American condemn former President Donald Trump’s remarks about suspending the Constitution and correcting the 2020 presidential election. It begs the question of how one man, Trump, draws such ire at the mere suggestion of what already has been done by the Democrats, the deep state, the media,…

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Vaccinated now lead in COVID deaths

Share of COVID-19 Deaths by Vaccination Status, 30 Jurisdiction in the U.S., September 2021 to August 2022, Age 18 and Over

An analysis of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics on COVID deaths by Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a non—profit in health policy analysis and health journalism, indicates that the majority of people dying from COVID 19 are vaccinated. KFF says on its website: “By April 2022, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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Attack on free speech

A tweet by Eric Schmitt

In the past week at least three attacks have been exposed on the Constitutional guarantee of free speech initiated by the ever-growing tyrannical US and state governments and its deep state actors. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s interpretation of antidiscrimination law is punishing a Christian web business because the owners refuse to go against their…

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