Stupidocrisy: Ignoring the gaslit youth

Age Groups: National Youth Vote Choice for the House of Representatives in the 2022 Midterm Election

Stupidocrisy: Ignoring the gaslit youth Exit polls on election day indicated that young people came out in droves to vote. They were all fired up about abortion. That should tell us a lot about the future of this country, and, quite frankly, how we are getting there. Many news outlets reported the shocking display of…

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Schumer invites Republicans to join mainstream

An old American man

Now that it looks like the Democrats are going to keep the Senate and the Republicans might bring the House of Representatives under their control, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) is extending a bipartisan olive branch—to some. On Monday’s CNN “This Morning,” Schumer said that he was going to meet with Senate Minority…

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Reform or tyranny

2022 House Results

Politically, he must be the greatest president ever. Here is a guy who has run the country amuck with an energy crisis, inflation crisis, foreign policy crisis, crime crisis, border security crisis-you name it and it’s going wrong. Three-quarters of Americans exiting the polls said they were angry about the direction of the country. Yet,…

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The Farm Chronicles: A call from the grave

Of Plymouth Plantation and Holy Bible

Imagine two men talking over a cup of coffee about their future families, and three hundred years later their granddaughter and grandson were married. Think about all the things that had to fall into place for that to happen. All the trials and tribulations, joys and tragedies in between. My 11th great grandfather on my…

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America in Crisis

A house

All the pundits are trying to dissect the recent midterm elections. They are saying that candidates hand-picked by Donald Trump underperformed; that abortion played a major role in stemming a Republican tidal wave when voters actually voted. They put it in terms of politics and political parties. I woke up at about four this morning…

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Undiscerning American Voters

I Voted

The election was no red tidal wave. More like a tidal pool. Pundits will be dissecting the “why” for weeks, maybe months, to come. In reality, they will be discussing the strategy of this party or that candidate, but the real cause for whoever gets into office or stays in office comes down to one…

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It’s time

It’s time

A friend of mine who is long passed on was very wise. He was once a Democrat, but finished his life as a Republican. He achieved much in his lifetime. Some of the things he wrote and said ring true today just the same as they were back in his time. For example, he said,…

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Something to keep in mind


As you go to the polls for this important mid-term election, there is a fundamental difference you should keep in mind. Democracy is the rule of the majority. Republicanism is elected representatives governing by the rule of law. See the subtle difference? Democracy often results in or is a disguise for totalitarianism because the rule…

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The Farm Chronicles: First Son

Medical results

The heritage of the Wilson farm goes back to the early 1800s. My grandfather, when he was in his 90s, told me the story of the 100-year anniversary of the farm back in, well, he couldn’t remember exactly, 1917 or 1918. Of course, my Dad was born in 1917 and Grandpa thought the anniversary was…

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Hold hospitals accountable

Holding Hospitals Accountable for Deaths: Citizens’ Call to Action  

Truth For Health Foundation (TFHF) has launched a nationwide campaign to hold hospitals accountable for wrongful deaths caused by the deliberate and willful blocking of access to effective safe treatments. TFHF says hospitals used the guise of government “COVID covered counter measures” that incentivize hospitals to use lethal doses of meds and withhold food, fluids,…

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