Stupidocrisy: No-petro Joe

Differences of electric vehicles and oil-powered vehicles

I so do appreciate Joe Biden’s energy policy. He has single-handedly raised the cost of living for everything, beginning with his zero tolerance for oil exploration and gasoline production. He is an absolute genius. I have been trying to justify having an electric car for years. But every time I sit down to calculate whether…

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The Great Reset Final Words—A prophetic people’s response

Armor of God

In analyzing The Great Reset and exploring the goals of the World Economic Forum, one can conclude that this is communism reimagined and the most clear and present threat to your freedom. Herein, there will be many opinions from Christians on how to respond. This Daily Jot is to stimulate thinking about what is at…

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The Great Reset Part 6 Counteraction

Push to Reset  

Given the immensity of the WEF/UN Great Reset advances, freedom lovers worldwide must understand that a global “Stakeholder Capitalism” reset—or war—is in progress. The leaders of this economic and social revolution do not wear the uniforms of Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany or Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. They dress in suits and ties and are with…

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The Great Reset Part 5 Putting two and two together

What The Great Reset Will Really Do To You

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its leader Klaus Schwab have made no secret that their goal is corporate-government-civic partnerships that enable joint action and achieving collective progress toward a global economy based on a Great Reset of “Stakeholder Capitalism.” The Great Reset was implemented during the COVID pandemic. It is a done deal. COVID…

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The Farm Chronicles: The infamous $20,000 bid


In the early 1970’s, we were going pretty heavy in the horse business. Dad wanted to see what was beyond our Western source of stock in Missouri. He began exploring other venues and landed on Tattersalls quarter horse auction in Lexington, Kentucky. Why not a road trip to Kentucky? Sounded like a good idea. Mel…

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The Great Reset Part 4 Issue Hierarchy

“Elevate the S Agenda and Leverage Social Reporting”

The WEF’s website uses a lot of wonderful, esoteric, altruistic words and images to promote its vision of “transforming” the world economy to the benefit of all. WEF’s three areas of focus are healthcare, climate change and technology, and beneath this hierarchy of issues, the global cabal gains more control with each issue-related crisis, a…

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The Great Reset Part 3 Communism Reimagined

Larry Fink’s 2021 letter to CEOs

The Great Reset is not possible without the strong partnership between government and corporations allowing government to circumvent Constitutional and legal accountability through corporations doing the governments’ bidding. This was clearly evident during the COVID pandemic. Corporations enforced lockdowns and mandates, and corporate media promoted the government propaganda narrative that COVID vaccines were safe and…

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The Great Reset Part 2 COVID

The Great Reset

The Great Reset Part 2 COVID Yesterday’s Daily Jot closed with a clue as to how the Great Reset’s Stakeholder Capitalism, works. The narrative is to convince people that corporations, government and civic organizations can partner to make a fair, equitable and sustainable economy where everyone benefits. The clue was that corporations become so entwined…

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The Great Reset and You Part 1

A quote from Dr. Klaus Schwab

The most dangerous threat to the exercise of religion and freedom of speech in your lifetime, and perhaps history to date, is not a theory, but it is a conspiracy. It’s called the Great Reset. People who can see the end from the beginning have been sounding the alarm for decades. The foundational element, at…

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Biden’s State Dept gives pass on Christian persecution

2021 Report on International Religious Freedom: Nigeria

Nigeria is notorious for persecuting Christians. The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram and its franchise tribe, the Fulani, are given full reign to persecute Christians. Moreover, the Biden State Department gives Nigeria a pass when it comes to Christian persecution. In its Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, State reported: “the level of insecurity and…

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