Faith over fear

Faith Not Fear

With the government showing its weakness in protecting the general welfare of its citizens in border security, disease control, Islamic infiltration, economic policy, privacy, and more, it is easy for many to develop fear and depression. Please be reminded that the government is not God. Socialists, progressives, communists, or whatever “ists” the current Administration calls…

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The Farm Chronicles: Resurrection Day on the farm

Mother and son

My room at the farm was on the East side of the house. It overlooked the horse corral, the old maple tree by the well, and our large field that was used to grow corn, wheat or for cattle and horse grazing, depending on the year. Some of my fondest memories were waking up to…

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Truth perishes while lies flourish

Fauci: “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated”

China has been hit with an onslaught of some variant of COVID and has ruthlessly locked down people reportedly without food and water. This is the type of thing that we Americans can look at as if we were looking in a mirror. Overarching government authority is a threat to everyone’s freedom. It’s the truth.…

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Stupidocrisy: Plastic gun ban


We have a lunatic Russian toting around a satchel with the nuke code when he’s visiting nursing homes to recruit reinforcements for his attack on civilians in Ukraine, and Joe Biden is signing an executive order to ban plastic guns. You got Biden willing to hand Iran nuclear weapons on a platter—and pay them for…

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Of dissent, fruits and truth

Early Treatment Saves Lives

The American ideal of democracy, a Constitutional Republic, is undergirded by moral people and freedom to dissent. When it comes to government control of healthcare, the people are strongly discouraged to dissent for fear of retribution for life sustaining treatment. The result of socialist healthcare is exemplified by the COVID crisis where government dictated the…

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It’s free as long as you agree

Screen capture of Obama, Biden, and Harris

Among the myriad of policy dangers revealed by the former occupant of the Oval Office during and after his visit to the White House, one in particular stands out as most perilous to all—Free Speech. In an interview with Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, Barack Obama preached about how government control over the internet can defeat,…

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The Farm Chronicles: Birthing babies

A man holding a baby

Growing up on a farm, one learns a lot about life and death at an early age. I knew that I loved animals, especially horses and dogs. This love propelled me to set the goal at an early age of being a veterinarian. While some of my high school coaches didn’t know it, I even…

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The tragic comedy


Barack Obama returned to the White House Tuesday for the first time since leaving office to join forces with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and yuck it up with each other in some sort of presentation over extension of socialist healthcare. You remember the Affordable Care Act—of “if you like your doctor, you can keep…

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Stupidocrisy: Federal Election Commission

Conciliation Agreement

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) is supposed to be the guardian of election laws. Time after time, this FECkless agency has failed to protect election integrity because of its snail-paced bureaucratic methods and an almost laughable accountability system. As a former political consultant who saw numerous campaigns violate the law, the FEC was mostly ineffective…

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The propaganda Machine

Facts about COVID-19

Since barely making it back to the United States from missionary work in Ghana, West Africa under the 2020 travel ban, I have written well over 300 stories about the COVID 19 pandemic. Predictions and analysis of the trends regarding the disease, vaccine safety and efficacy, and government coercions and mandates have been true and…

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