Mystery and intrigue surround 2021 death rate increase

Increasing graph

The discovery that death rates increased 40% during the COVID pandemic year over the previous year, and years-before averages, has prompted some head scratching among the medical community. It appears that the increase, which Indiana’s OneAmerica Insurance CEO Scott Davidson claims is four times higher than a one-in-200-year catastrophe, are not COVID related. These deaths…

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The Farm Chronicles: The last great posse

Ohio Magistrates Association

Going through some old papers and photos, I came upon a very crisp certificate that looked brand new. It was from the Ohio Magistrates Association, Columbus, Ohio. It read: “This is to certify that Carl E Wilson has been duly accepted as a member of the Ohio Magistrates Association and is hereby extended all privileges…

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2021 Death surge implies the cure may be worse than the cause

Dr. Walensky  

An analysis of 2021 deaths by actuaries of OneAmerica, a $100 billion, 145-year-old Indiana life insurance company, indicates a death rate increase of 40% from pre-pandemic levels, with an alarming majority of deaths in primarily working-age people 18-64. Another study of death certificates by The Epoch Times corroborates this phenomena, reporting deaths among people aged…

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Stupidocrisy: The Biden Harris Sotomayor Breyer Kagan Delusion

Biden and Harris 

There are a group of leaders in the highest echelon of American government who have demonstrated that they are delusional, and quite possibly insane. They are not fit to lead a horse to water let alone any position in elected or appointed office. Think about what has been going on since the beginning of the…

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Biden’s illegal purge of the military

Purging Patriots from the Military: The Proof

Imagine a military where the top brass, taking orders from the Commander in Chief, many of which have investments in and ties to China, are using the COVID crisis to reduce military readiness and compromise national security. According to several high-ranking officers under whistleblower protection, this is what is occurring. The COVID vaccination mandate in…

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You are the American ideal

A digital illustration of a cross with US flag

A nation lives through the hearts of its people. America is an ideal as much, if not more, than a nationality. The American ideal traditionally has been to live free and do no harm to others. In that ideal, we become Americans by assimilating to the values of our nation—freedom, equality, respect for others, rule…

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The Farm Chronicles: The four wells

Mom and dad watering a horse at the well before the milk house was built over it circa 1940

There were four wells on the farm. The one out behind the barn had been filled in probably in the late 1800s. I wouldn’t have known it was there but for riding past it on my pony Tricker when I was about six years old. I looked down, noticing the sinking hole in the ground…

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A look in the mirror moment

A man facing the mirror questioning himself

As the Supreme Court takes up debate on the COVID mandates, Americans need to look themselves in the mirror and reflect on the values that made this country the beacon of religious liberty and freedom of speech as an example to the rest of the world. For it is in the American’s heart and soul…

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Stupidocrisy: The violent coup narrative

Pro-Trump Mob Smashes Windows to Breach U.S. Capitol

As the Democrats prepare to recount their revised version of the January 6 protests at the Capitol, corporate media are embellishing the narrative that the protests were a violent, deadly attempted coup that threatened democracy. An account by Reuters announcing Joe Biden’s “truth” speech about what happened that day, said “Biden and Vice President Kamala…

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Girding against deception

A man and a book

There were many ingredients of a worldwide brainwashing program taking place during the COVID hysteria over the last 18 months, many of which continue today. You don’t have to agree on the “why” or “who” behind it, but the truth of the matter is that the entire handling of this contagion resembles the steps toward…

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