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Prophecy clock accelerates under Biden

After four years of an American administration supporting Israel, attempting to broker peace between Israel and its historically traditional enemies, ...
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Stupidocrisy: Global warming and Texas

Last week, Texas was in a state of emergency because of no energy. People were freezing in their homes. The ...
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The Supreme Court declined to hear the challenges to the election. Clear and simple. This brings up a very salient ...
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As the haters hate

Have you ever noticed how those who accuse others of being haters are the biggest haters? From the time that ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Obedience rather than sacrifice

Farm work was never finished. As the snow receded and spring sprung in about my nineth year, my Dad came ...
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Facts and common sense

A lot of obituaries are being carried about radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. They talk about his accomplishments. But ...
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Stupidocrisy: Designating Islamic terrorists as humanitarians

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, announced last week that the State Department would revoke the terrorist designations of Ansarallah, ...
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Only the truth will keep you free

The story of the January 6 assault on Capitol Hill is being cemented in history by a partisan news media ...
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Presidents’ Day Conviction

Presidents’ Day was celebrated for the first time as an official holiday in 1879 to commemorate America’s first President George ...
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The Farm Chronicles: The granary and the ram

The granary was by far the scariest building on the farm. It sat up on block pillars. It was large ...
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