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Politics and religion

People say that politics and religion don’t mix, but we are experiencing a classic case in America where politics may ...
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A citizen of darkness or light?

As we enter the holiday season, there will be many opportunities to either shine the light of Christ or participate ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Mayflower Visit

When I was 10 years old, Mom and Dad took me out of school for a trip to all the ...
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A Thanksgiving story to share

Note: I want to share with you some of my heritage which has become part of the heritage of America. ...
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Take a deep breath and pray

Americans are so wrapped around politics and the election that they are beginning the holiday season with tremendous angst. Let ...
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The division among us

As we enter into the Thanksgiving holiday, this nation is as divided as it ever was. A recent Politico poll ...
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Election chess game shaping up

The election should be as simple as one eligible voter, one vote, vote counted, tallied and results determined, but it ...
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The Farm Chronicles: Thanksgiving Turkey

Uncle Bob and Aunt Dory, my mother’s sister, lived about two miles from us. Mom and Aunt Dory were very ...
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Election fraud news conference—media scoffs

The news conference by the Trump Campaign led by Former New York City mayor Rudi Giuliani with attorneys Sidney Powell ...
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Top Dems complained about Dominion Voting Systems errors–Today Silence

On December 6, 2019, leading congressional Democrats wrote three private equity companies seeking information on their interests in “secretive and ...
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